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Jokkolabs is a professional shared workspace with a community atmosphere. It is an open space, which welcomes any entrepreneur seeking to develop his network, meet new contributors, discuss his practices and develop his professional projects.

It is designed to meet the needs of micro-businesses, self-employed workers, homeworkers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, digital economy workers, writers, designers and other new media or digital art professionals whose work do not fit in a classic office model.

Need a coworking space ? Become a Jokkoworker !

Creative space

Prices : 50 USD/ Month for daily use

Coworking Visa

Coworking Visa

Le co-working visa monde vous permet d’accéder à plus de 200 espaces dans le monde selon des modalités particulières. Plus particulièrement vous pouvez accéder aux espaces du réseau Jokkolabs.

Equipe Banjul


Ville : Banjul 
Adresse : YMCA Computer Training Centre and Digital Studio, MDI Road, Kanifing South, The Gambia

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Jokkolabs-Banjul-1570192689919164/


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